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The Bubble Machine is an audio annotation tool for critically analyzing music recordings, speeches, or other audio recordings.  It functions like a visual “tape player”, allowing you to load in an audio file and create color-coded geometric annotations—“bubbles”—to highlight important passages within the audio.  When you are done, you can export your annotations to .CSV and save them to your computer, or share with students, research partners, etc.  This beta release is free for instructors and students to use.  This version of the tool originated with School of Music professor Scott Lipscomb (currently University of Cincinnati), and has undergone updated development at CLA-LATIS.

The current beta release takes advantage of some modern browser capabilities to offer a lightweight, dynamic user experience.  Built on the flexible UI framework React, it leverages the browser’s local storage capabilities for importing, exporting, and storing annotations.  All data remains on your computer, and is never uploaded or stored by an outside entity.  This makes it safe to use for rights-protected audio files, research recordings, and other other sensitive data.