Hello!  Welcome to the blog for “LATIS Labs.”  LATIS is Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services, a group that supports faculty, students, and staff within the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota.  As part of our mission to spur innovation within teaching and research, we operate a number of specialized lab spaces.  We also try to provide early support to faculty and students who are doing exploration on their own.  We want to be a group that says “Yes! Let’s do that! Right now!” not “Well, maybe, but we need to put together a committee…”

It is our hope that, by tying together these various labs and services under the umbrella concept of “LATIS Labs”, it will establish synergy, reduce redundancy, and make it easier for faculty and students to navigate between these resources.


Defining what a ‘lab’ is can be problematic, but at the basic level, it is a space where specialized activities take place and where staff is available to support faculty and students.

Some of our labs are a component of a larger service provided by LATIS. For example, our Social and Behavior Sciences Laboratory is tied directly to the services provided by our Research Services and Creative Work team. Others are more self-directed.

In some types of labs–especially those focused on new and emerging technologies–staff will not always take the role of “service experts”, but rather that of “co-learners” and “co-explorers”. We seek to empower our students and faculty, and to support their discovery. We specifically want to avoid playing the role of “wizards” with all the answers. Whenever possible, we will also strive to connect LATIS Labs users with other resources on campus, and work to find opportunities to acquire new resources.

We can be a little opinionated, because we’re passionate about this space. We’re eager to help, so if you’re at the College of Liberal Arts, please get in touch.